Sample Script Packs

The default sample scripts pack. (Version 1.1)Download
The PI Engineering XK124 with T-Bar standard pack.Download
Purely the T-Bar Monitoring process for those users with an XK124 T-Bar, but without the standard PI Engineering layout of buttons.Download
MXLight control scripts (Version 1.1)Download
Generic Comms example scripts (Version 3)
Shows how to use raw TCP/IP sockets to imlement new protocols.
Starting and Stopping Recording within the Black Magic applicationDownload
Synchronizing Environments between serversDownload
Teranex Control sample scripts (version 1.0)Download
Timecode Tools scriptsDownload
Twitter integration example scripts (version 1.0)Download
Video Follows Audio example scriptDownload
A simple virtual studio example using the ATEM TVS upstream keyer chroma keyer and internal media store Download
A VMix control set of scripts to help a user get started, (not fully implemented).Download
Scripts showing how to implement a “Watch Folder” where new PNG images get uploaded to the ATEM media store.Download
Super Source box script to go with the video on the shorts video pageDownload
Playback Pro controller package for Just Macros (Version 1.3)Download
MIDI packs
Generic MIDI scripts.
The first MIDI script pack became the root of most MIDI script packs.