The PRO Licence

The PRO Licence is “the original Just Macros licence”, customers who have purchased a PRO licence will always get a preferential upgrade option when Just Macros changes form and becomes a new product or on new related products.

This is the licence intended for a small production unit to link up their Black Magic Design and other modern lightweight video equipment that make up a mobile production unit or small professional studio setup.

At it’s heart, Just Macros is a connection management system, and so the licence controls

Type of ConnectionAllowed Links
Blackmagic Design ATEMs3
CasparCG Renderers5
Blackmagic Design VideoHubs1
Serial VDCP Connections5
Other JustMacros Servers (inter-connecting)1
MIDI Links5
FTDI Connections5
DMX Devices5
Blackmagic Design Smart Viewers8
Blackmagic Design Hyperdecks 5
Just Macros generic comms5
Vizrt VCP Connections1
Vizrt Renderer Connections1
Vizrt Other Connections1

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