The ProPlus Licence

The ProPlus Licence is the PRO licence, with “a bit extra” customers who have purchased a PRO licence will always get a preferential upgrade option when Just Macros changes form and becomes a new product or on new related products.

This is the licence intended for a medium sized production unit to link up their Black Magic Design and other modern lightweight video equipment that make up small professional studio or production house setup.

Essentially you get more control connections.

Type of ConnectionAllowed Links
Blackmagic Design ATEMs6
CasparCG Renderers10
Blackmagic Design VideoHubs3
Serial VDCP Connections10
Other JustMacros Servers (inter-connecting)3
MIDI Links10
FTDI Connections12
DMX Devices12
Blackmagic Design Smart Viewers16
Blackmagic Design Hyperdecks 10
Just Macros generic comms10
Vizrt VCP Connections1
Vizrt Renderer Connections1
Vizrt Other Connections1

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